My journey to the Gold Coast

For me the Gold Coast is like my second home.

I have lost count of how many times I have travelled to the Gold Coast but I never get sick of it. It’s beautiful. The white sandy beaches and the warm water are incredibly welcoming and Surfers Paradise is always buzzing with activity.

We usually stay at Surfers Century with my extended family, about 20 of us, and we always have so much fun. On our most recent trip we decided to stay a little further up the coast in Broadbeach. Personally I preferred Surfers Paradise. You’re closer to the action and it’s easy to walk pretty much anywhere from the apartment block.

One thing I do a lot of when I visit here is shopping. The fashion is similar to what’s here in New Zealand but it’s just that little bit different. When I buy an outfit in the Gold Coast I can go home knowing nobody will have it! Unlike when you shop in New Zealand and buy something from the new Glassons collection and then the following week you spot someone in it just about everywhere you go! My favourite shops to visit are not the big chain stores but the little boutique shops where you find cute unique clothes.

Another thing I love about the Gold Coast is you are just a short drive away from all the theme parks!

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie…along with the other members of my family! You can visit Movie World, Dream World, White Water World (which is an extension of Dream World) Wet and Wild and Sea World. Sea World has always been a favourite of mine. Yes I love rollercoasters, but there’s something about seeing the dolphin show and watching the polar bears that you just can’t beat. If you have no idea what parks you want to visit Movie World is a classic.

When you’re travelling with young kids it’s perfect, as there’s a whole area of rides just for them. Dream World has cooler rides so if you are an adrenaline junkie like me you are probably going to prefer going here. If water parks are your thing, you can buy an extended pass to get you into White Water World which is right next door! Wet and Wild is quite similar to White Water World, I didn’t notice a huge difference between the two.

If you are travelling between October – April I would definitely recommend booking a trip to one of these water parks. It can get very hot at this time so it’s nice having a way to cool down!! In saying that, I have been to the water parks in July, which is winter. I did get a little cold but not cold enough to stop me from going on the rides. So don’t let that put you off!

Lastly one of my favourite things about the Gold Coast is the beautiful sunsets

Take a stroll along one of the beautiful beaches to witness one for yourself. Quite often the sky will be a mixture of pink and orange and it is just stunning. Make sure you take your camera cause you will get some great shots!!