Parasailing in Hawaii

I have wanted to go parasailing for as long as I can remember. Heights don’t phase me and I love a good adrenaline rush. Unfortunately it is quite an expensive way to spend about 6 minutes in the air. It does go a lot slower when you are up there but it still flys by 😉

Hawaii was a good place to parasail, 1. Because its beautiful and 2. It’s significantly cheaper in the US than in other countries I’ve visited. The company we chose to parasail with was H20 Sports. They were recommended by the hotel we were staying at, The Modern Honolulu. There was a great deal for $99 USD where you go Parasailing and ride Jetskis for 30mins.

Getting there

Most companies you book with will pick you up from your hotel as part of the package, I would recommend one that does as you know you will get there on time and end up at the right place. We were staying at Waikiki beach but we drove for about 30mins to get to our destination so it’s not as close as you might think.

You will need…

  • A towel
  • Jandals – you end up taking these off anyway
  • Togs – wear these underneath some light clothing, it’s a lot easier than changing into them when you get there. I would also recommend wearing a one piece instead of a bikini…
  • Sunscreen


My experience

When we first arrived we waited around for a little bit as everyone riding the jetskis has to watch a safety video. It’s only a few minutes long but I was super eager to get going. After everyone has watched the video you get onto a speedboat that takes you to large floating platform. This is where all the action happens. It was busy when we got there around midday, but not overcrowded.

Once we were on board the captain decides what activity everyone does first. It depends on how many people are waiting for each activity, which is good as you aren’t waiting around too long! Within a few minutes we were onboard another boat, speeding out to the middle of the ocean for our parasailing adventure.

The staff are great, they help you into the harnesses and get you all set up. There were only 6 people on the boat and everyone goes up in a pair. You don’t have long to wait before it’s your turn! One thing I was disappointed about was we weren’t allowed to take our GoPro up with us. A man had hit his wife in the face with a GoPro handle a few weeks earlier so they were banned. You’re allowed to take just the GoPro up, not on a stick, but that was just far too risky. I’m glad I left it on the boat, we got dunked in the water twice so the chances of me losing it were fairly high! The staff take plenty of photos and there is a GoPro attached to your parasail. You can buy all the footage at the end but it’s fairly pricey.

Getting dunked

Being up in the air and flying above the water is such a great feeling. Even getting dunked underwater was fun! As I mentioned in the list of things to bring, choose a one piece over a bikini. When you are lifted out of the water there is a 100% chance your bikini bottoms will slip down. A few seconds later you are dunked under the water a second time. Save yourself the embarrassment and wear a one piece. My sister discovered this the hard way… If you aren’t comfortable with being dunked underwater let the staff know. You can just stay up in the air. I would recommend it though, it’s not scary and makes the whole experience more exciting.



There is a range of heights you can choose to fly at for a variety of prices. If you have a fear of heights or you want to save a bit of money choose the lowest option. You still get a great parasailing experience at a cheaper price. If your feeling adventurous go for the higher options. They will be a lot more exhilarating, just expect to pay a bit more.

Once your ride is over you wait for the other two groups to have their turn. It’s when you’re sitting in the boat that you realize how short the time you spend in the air is. It’s the complete opposite when you are miles above the water; time almost feels like it stands still. After everyone has had their turn you return to the platform for your next activity. Or get on the boat to head back to land where the car is waiting to take you back to your hotel.

Overall I really enjoyed my parasailing experience. If you ever get the opportunity I highly recommend you do it too! Next on my list is paragliding