Mount Coot-tha lookout, everything you need to know!

Mount Coot-tha

On my recent visit to Australia we went up to the Mount Coot-tha lookout where you can get gorgeous panoramic views of Brisbane city, all the way to Moreton Bay. It was a short trip, mainly spending time with family, but we managed to squeeze in time to visit this lookout. One of the great things about it is you can drive all the way to the top! So it’s a pretty easy tourist attraction to tick off your list even if you are short on time.

The drive to the mountain is pretty easy and about 20 minutes from the city. Make sure you put Mount Coot-tha lookout into Google maps, I just put Mount Coot-tha and had google tell us ‘you have arrived at your destination’ a good 5 minutes away from the lookout…good one google.

We arrived at the lookout around 7am, it was easing getting up early due to being used to New Zealand time where it would’ve already been 10am. It was very quiet, with just a few people around which made it super easy to get a car park. The perfect time to snap some pics without worrying about the crowds! However it didn’t end up being the best time to shoot and the sun had risen high enough that it was sitting above the city skyline, but not high enough that it was out of the shot. Ideally you would want to arrive even earlier than we did when the sun is still behind the skyline to get a beautifully lit shot or arrive late morning/afternoon so the sun has risen high enough. I did manage to get some shots I was happy with in the end, it was just a little challenging! This place would also be gorgeous during golden hour and sunset, you would probably need to battle the crowds though.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish after soaking in the views of the city, an award winning restaurant is located up at the lookout called The Summit. It would make the perfect romantic dinner spot! We ran out of time to eat here but it certainly looked as though it was worth stopping by. There’s also the Kuta Cafe where you can enjoy an ice-cream on the sun-drenched terrace.

For more exploring, head to the Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens located on Mount Coot-tha Road at Toowong. Entry is free and they are open every day of the year, 8am – 5.30pm from September to March and 8am – 5pm from April to August. There are also walking tracks that range from 15mins to 40mins around the mountain. Make sure you take water with you and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!! The sun rises SUPER early in Brisbane which means it gets hot early and therefore you can burn early.

If you end up heading to Mount Coot-tha let me know! I would love to see your pics.

– Sammy xx