Kite Kite falls New Zealand – Auckland’s most instagramable waterfall

Kite kite falls in New Zealand, is high on Auckland’s must do list and is definitely the most instagramable waterfall! You can swim at this waterfall meaning it is the perfect way to cool of on those hot summer days!

The great thing about this waterfall is you don’t just get a gret view from the bottom, you can make your way to the top as well and that’s even more scenic. Not everyone knows about going to the top either. 

I’ve visited this waterfall many times over the years and it was only the most recent time I went that I made it to the top. Not because it’s a hard walk or anything like that, just cause I either forgot or wasn’t sure where the track started.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know when visiting Kite Kite falls. 

How to get to Kite Kite falls

Kite Kite falls is located in the western part of Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, near the famous Piha Beach. The beach is also totally worth stopping at if you are out this way. Be warned though, it is pretty dangerous. There are lifegaurds on duty so as long as you swim between the flags and don’t go out to deep you’ll be fine.

The other cool thing about Piha is that it’s a black sand beach. All the beaches on the west coast have a pretty cool rugged feel to them. If you’re visiting in the heat of summer make sure you’ve got jandals with you so the sand doesn’t burn your feet! That stuff gets HOT.

Piha is just a 45 minute drive from Auckland CBD so it is a perfect day trip destination. When you are in Piha, turn right into Glenesk Rd and follow it for the next 1km. There is a parking area at the end of the road and there are toilets and a couple of tables.

To get to the base of the waterfall it is a 45 minute walk. The track is pretty easy, nothing too strenuous. You would be able to do it in jandals although sneakers would be more comfortable. The track follows the Glen Esk stream and there are a few little side tracks to get closer to this which are worth checking out. There are a few hills to conquer but don’t worry, they aren’t difficult and if you do need to rest there are a few benches.

It won’t be long until you reach the base of the waterfall. Make sure you don’t forget a towel. It’s a great swimming spot in summer, although it’s a bit colder than the ocean! If you’re brave enough you can swim behind the falls behind the sheet of water. For some of you this would probably be a piece of cake but I say ‘brave enough’ because I’m certainly not! I get pretty claustrophobic and freak out I won’t be able to breathe properly so I try to avoid those kinds of situations.

kite kite falls

You can stop at the base of Kite Kite falls or keep going. The first few times I didn’t go any further, mainly because I wasn’t sure how to get up to the top. There is a track and it really isn’t that hard to find so obviously I just didn’t really look hard enough…haha.

If you walk to the left side of the waterfall and up the hill a little bit you will see the start of the track. From here to the top of the waterfall is about another half an hour. It’s worth it once you get to the top though! The view is awesome. You can also swim at the top which is the perfect way to cool off.

view from the top of kite kite falls


sitting down at the top of kite kite falls

When it’s time to head back to the car you can go back the way you came or there’s an alternative route through a kauri covered set of stairs (the other part in the fork).

If you want to know how to say Kite Kite falls correctly, its pronounced like kitty kitty falls. Not kite kite falls. I totally got caught out by this and I’m kiwi…whoops!

Important note: In New Zealand we need to protect our Kauri trees. Please respect this and remember to use the cleaning shoe station at the start and end of your walk.

Have you been to Kite Kite falls in New Zealand yet? Let me know in the comments!