Welcome to my bucket list of travel destinations and activities. A complete list of all the things I want to do, see and experience in different places all over the world. No doubt this list will continue to grow but for now, it’s a starting point.

1. Stay in an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora

2. Swim with Sea Turtles

3. Travel to Santorini, Greece

4. Vineyard hop on Waiheke

5. Drink cocktails in Vegas

6. Attend the Full Moon party in Thailand

7. Visit the To Sua trench in Samoa

8. Go swimming with Manta Rays

9. Parasail over the ocean

10. Do Sail Croatia

11. Zip line through the jungle

12. Go snuba diving

13. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

14. Care for the elephants in Thailand

15. See the Eiffel Tower

16. Travel on a seaplane

17. See the Northern Lights

18. Go hot-air ballooning

19. Go ‘glamping’ 

20. Fly business class

21. Swim with dolphins

22. Learn to scuba dive

23. Do a bungy jump

24. Visit the Grand Canyon

25. Go Clearyaking

26. Go white water rafting

27. See the Great Barrier Reef

28. Discover the Bahamas

29. Cruise around the Caribbean

30. Attend Coachella

31. Drink from a fresh coconut

32. Experience a White Christmas

33. Learn to surf

34. Ride a camel

35. Go on an African Safari

36. Book a spontaneous holiday

37. Spend the day at Cloud 9 in Fiji

38. Complete the Golden Triangle in India

39. Go to Disneyland

40. Visit the Gili Islands in Bali

41. Stay at an ice hotel

42. Drive Route 66

43. Trek the Mendenhall Glacier Caves

44. Go on a contiki

45. Drink a cocktail at a Sky Bar in Bangkok

46. Get a photo with the Hollywood sign

47. Visit Niagara Falls

48. Drive the Road to Hana

49. Throw a dart at a map and go!

50. Swim in Dean’s Blue Hole

51. Walk on a black sand beach

52. Visit Nusa Pendia

53. Travel to Tulum, Mexico

54. See the Taj Mahal 

55. Try fly boarding

56. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

57. Go for a ride in a helicopter

58. Swing on the Bali swing

59. Ride the train from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka

60. See the blue caves in Croatia

and counting…