Spring in New Zealand | English Cherry Tree Manor



I had actually been wanting to visit this place since I discovered it on Instagram about a year ago but the photo was just geotagged ‘Hamilton, New Zealand’ so I didn’t know where it was! Not going to lie, it did cross my mind to drive to Hamilton and just wing it but I quickly decide that probably wasn’t the brightest idea… Then when I was on Instagram just last week I came across another photo of this gorgeous driveway and I saw they had tagged the NZ Pure English Cherry Tree Manor account and the rest was history.

I got up bright and early to beat the crowds to get a photo of the famous driveway. I missed the Waikato Cherry Tree Festival which happened the weekend prior (Friday 21 – Sunday 23 September) but due to having to turn hundreds of people away, they decided to open it up again on the following Saturday for viewings. I was also fortunate enough that the New Zealand Pure Tour team allowed me to come just before opening so I was able to get a sneak peak of the grounds before the crowds rolled in. With Hamilton being just an hour and a half’s drive from Auckland I decided to get up early and drive down in the morning.

The early wake up call was so worth it! The property itself was gorgeous. The driveway stops you in your footsteps, the over arching cherry blossom trees are just mesmerising. There are other places around the property you can explore, including a pond out the back but the highlight would definitely be the driveway!

Outside of the Cherry Tree Festival the property also has accomodation available so you can stay here if you wish and turn it into a weekend trip. Make sure you head there in the spring though to make sure you see the cherry tree’s at their best!

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