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Are you dreaming of travelling the world?

I’m Sammy, a travel blogger from New Zealand on a mission to empower young women and give them the confidence to travel the world solo.

Leaving to travel the world was hands-down the best decision I ever made. So, are you in?


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My Story

My name is Sammy Green and back in 2019 I left New Zealand to travel the world solo. Almost a year later I returned home, due to the dreaded c-word….covid.

I travelled America, Mexico and Europe before heading to Thailand to settle in South East Asia as a digital nomad, where I lived for 5 months. Leaving to travel the world solo was the best decision I’ve ever made and my vision is to inspire others to do the same.

On my blog, you’ll find plenty of solo female travel tips, along with a bucket list of travel destinations! Having travelled to 20 countries (and counting) I hope I inspire you to one day, experience all the world has to offer.

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