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Sammy Rae Green


My story

Travel has always been in my blood. Prior to leaving New Zealand to travel the world solo back in 2019, I did a lot of overseas trips where I could. Living so far away from the rest of the world certainly made this a little challenging

With the closest international trip being a 3 and a half hour flight away, I had to use my annual leave pretty strategically in order to make the most of my holidays while working full time

Fast forward a few years and I’ve now travelled to 20 countries from all different places around the world

Having worked in the corporate world since I graduated from university in 2016, I decided to throw in the towel in early 2019 and leave New Zealand

It was a bit scary leaving everything behind and moving to the other side of the world by myself but hands down, it was the best decision I ever made. I have never grown so much in such a short space of time and my goal is to inspire other travel enthusiasts to take the same leap of faith

I supported myself by working remotely in the digital marketing space, with various clients and working as a contractor part-time for a social media agency

If it wasn’t for Covid, I wouldn’t have come home but it gave me the perfect opportunity to reset, build up my skills a bit more in the comfort of my own country and now I’m ready to take on the digital nomad life once again


On the blog …

you’ll find much more than just travel guides. My vision is not only to inspire you to travel the world, but to take your FIRST SOLO TRIP. Now you might be saying, Sammy you’re out of your mind, no way am I brave enough to do that. Or you might be thinking, solo travel isn’t for me, I’d be way too lonely…

Okay I hear you, but let me tell you a secret, when you’re travelling solo you’re going to meet MORE people, make MORE friends and you’ll never actually be alone. Trust me, when you travel solo you open yourself up sooo many more opportunities and nothing beats the freedom of being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Be totally honest with yourself for a sec. If you’re sitting at home feeling unfulfilled, demotivated or you just know that you deserve so much better, what is stopping you from taking that step? 

Perhaps a lack of confidence or it doesn’t feel like the right time or you simply feel like you just don’t have much knowledge when it comes to travel. All valid reasons but guess what, they’re ALL fixable! And I’m going to help your overcome them.

So if you’re ready to stop waiting around, live out your full potential and experience all the world has to offer, dive right in.

Are you dreaming of travelling the world?

I’ll help you find the confidence to take your first solo trip