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Is there Uber in Chiang Mai? What you need to know to get around the city (2024)

Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand known for its ancient temples, vibrant culture and endless natural beauty. Chiang Mai is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, and with good reason!

It’s a great place to explore beautiful mountain views, traditional Thai villages and delicious cuisine.

If you’re planning on travelling here then you’ll probably want to know how to get around the city and be asking yourself, is there Uber in Chiang Mai?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no but thankfully, there are multiple options that will get you from A to B safely and quickly! Chiang Mai is very walkable but sometimes you will find yourself needing to catch a ride.


Is there Uber in Chiang Mai?

No, since 2018 there has been no Uber in Thailand but there is Grab which is a great alternative to Uber. Grab is available throughout the city, making it easy to get around Chiang Mai and explore all that it has to offer.

What is Grab? It’s a ride-hailing service similar to Uber is available in many cities throughout Thailand. With Grab, you can easily book a ride through the app and be on your way in no time.

It’s a convenient way to get around town while keeping costs low. Whether you’re looking to explore Chiang Mai’s vibrant night markets or take a day trip out into the countryside, having access to Grab will make your travels much smoother.

So don’t forget to download it before you arrive!

How to use Grab in Chiang Mai

Using Grab in Chiang Mai is very easy. Like Uber, you download an app on your phone and then use this to input where you want to go. The app will then give you an estimated price and will match you with a nearby driver.

Like Uber, prices can surge at peak hours and if there aren’t enough drivers available to keep up with the demand so just keep this in mind. I never had too many issues with it though.

You will have the option to ride in a car or on the back of a scooter. Riding on the back of a scooter is great fun and will often be a faster way of travelling around the city however it only works if you’re travelling alone.

If you’ve got multiple passengers then you’ll want to go for a car. It may be a bit slower but you’ve got the bonus of aircon!

Once you’ve chosen your mode of transport, you will then be able to track the driver on your app to see how far away they are from your pick-up point. A handy tip when selecting your pick-up point is to stand on the same side of the road in the direction you’re heading in.

In some parts of Chiang Mai, it isn’t possible for the driver to turn around straight away. They may have to drive down the road a bit before they can make a U-turn so taking note of this and being on the right side of the road will help you save some money.

When you’ve arrived at your destination you can pay the driver with cash or use your card through the app.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to get around Chiang Mai that is reliable and cost-effective then Grab is the perfect choice for you!

How do you get around Chiang Mai?


As mentioned, Chiang Mai is a very walkable city. Especially if you are staying somewhere central like the old city. Chiang Mai has some great walking paths and plenty of markets to explore so it’s a great way to get around.

The red taxis are also an option for travelling around Chiang Mai, especially if you don’t have access to Grab. They are relatively cheap although you will have to negotiate the price with the driver before getting in.

You also pay per passenger so keep this in mind as depending on how many people you are travelling with, Grab may be cheaper.

Bicycles are another option if you’re looking to explore Chiang Mai on two wheels. Bike rental shops are scattered throughout the city and it’s a great way to make your way around town.

Otherwise, you can always hire your own scooter if you’re confident enough to drive one. Chiang Mai has a lot of scooter rental places and this is usually the most convenient way to get around town. However, the main streets can get very busy so if you don’t have much experience driving a scooter then I wouldn’t recommend this option.

So, whatever way you decide to get around Chiang Mai, there will be an option for you!

Can I rent a car in Chiang Mai?

Renting a car in Chiang Mai is possible but it can be more expensive than other modes of transport as not only will you need to factor in the rental price but fuel costs and parking fees too.

The roads in Chiang Mai can also be quite chaotic, and this isn’t limited to just peak-hour traffic! So, it’s best to leave your car rental until you’re more familiar with Chiang Mai’s roads (or give it a miss altogether) and opt for someone else to drive you instead.

Conclusion: Is there Uber in Chiang Mai 2022? 

As stated above, there is no Uber in Chiang Mai anymore but Grab is a great alternative and there are plenty of other ways to get around the city.

Chiang Mai is a great city to explore and you can easily get around with the help of Grab, the Red Taxis or just on foot. With Grab’s convenient app, affordable fares, and reliable drivers, it’s the perfect choice for getting around Chiang Mai quickly, safely and cheaply.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Chiang Mai make sure you download the Grab app before you arrive!

I spent almost 6 months living in Chiang Mai and absolutely loved it, it’s such a gorgeous city and is close to Pai – a Thailand must-do! The thing that I love about northern Thailand is that it isn’t as touristy as the south and the people are so lovely and genuine.

Certainly don’t miss it off your list when planning a holiday to Thailand.

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